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Swede-Atsu Massage Lounger Reviews

Does the massage lounger have pre-programmed or manual massages?
Can I adjust the intensity of the massage?
Are there any health benefits of massage?
Can anyone use Panasonic massage loungers?
What is the warranty on Panasonic massage loungers?
Can I get an Extended Warranty?
How long does the massage lounger last?


Can anyone use Panasonic massage loungers?

Children under 16 should not use massage loungers, because their spines are still forming. Pregnant women should not use massage loungers. Anyone who has had back problems or back surgery should check with their physician before using a massage lounger.

The massage lounger is only specified to hold up to 264 pounds. Applying any weight greater than this may strain the massage heads and mechanism, which could cause damage to the massage lounger. Damage from excessive weight is not covered by the product warranty.

- Source:  Panasonic
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