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INADA CHAIR D.1 Massage Chair Reviews

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Inada Massage Chair D.1 Offers Ultimate Relaxation From Head to Toe
Sitting Pretty - The Inada D.1 is a high-tech massage chair with a surprisingly firm grip
The History of FAMILY INADA is The History of The Massage Chair


Inada Massage Chair D.1 Offers Ultimate Relaxation From Head to Toe

Family Inada, maker of the world's first shiatsu massage chair in Japan, now offers another world first -- a full-body massage chair that adapts itself to the shape of your body with state-of-the- art infrared technology. The Inada Chair D.1, currently sold only in Japan, will be available in the U.S. for the first time this September and retails for $4,900. The Inada Chair is the only massage chair that uses state-of-the- art infrared technology to scan the user's body. The infrared scan measures height and detects pressure points, offering a customized massage. The D.1 model's full-body massage also provides revolutionary arm and hand massage.

"We are proud to introduce our newest luxury massage chair, D.1, to the American consumers this September," Nichimu Inada, president of FAMILY INADA. "We have gone beyond simply enhancing the 'relaxation' process to incorporate the benefits of 'therapy.' It offers customized full-body massage like no other."

- Source:  CBS MarketWatch
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