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Swede-Atsu Massage Lounger (Deluxe) Reviews

Does the massage lounger have pre-programmed or manual massages?
Can I adjust the intensity of the massage?
Are there any health benefits of massage?
Can anyone use Panasonic massage loungers?
What is the warranty on Panasonic massage loungers?
Can I get an Extended Warranty?
How long does the massage lounger last?


What is the warranty on Panasonic massage loungers?

The massage lounger warranty covers the product as follows:

Repair Coverage:
- Parts and Labor: 1 year
- Electronic parts: 3 years

Providing Service:
- During the first year following purchase: Panasonic will either fix the massage lounger in your home, or will pay for it to be removed from your home for servicing.
- Following one year after purchase: You should take the massage lounger to a local servicer or have it shipped to the nearest servicer.

There is a 1,000-hour cap on the massage chair warranty. 1000 hours is equivalent to one 15-minute massage a day for 11 years.

- Source:  Panasonic
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