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Item #: JFK-608

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Fat Removal Massage Stick keeps your fat in motion directly with high freuquency vibration so that the redundant fat which stayed long in your body is "burnt" and removed. Meanwhile, it activates your cell, improves the microcirculation, makes the slimming skin smooth and tight so as to let you have a grace posture and charming stature like a model. It is easy to operate and carry with you everywhere. It is safe for you to use with low voltage, and its deft wrist can make your massage every part of your body freely.

* Massage your neck and back: To use the massage stick to massage your neck and back, it can relax the muscles in your spine, back and waist to eliminate the tension and strain so that it can relax yourself and prevent backache.

* Massage your abdomen and waist: Fat motion can remove the redundant fat in your abdomen and waist to make them slimmer. It can eliminate women's striaegravidarum phenomena with pregnancy to restore the skin to be as smooth as before.

* Massage your hip: To vibration massage with high frequency, it can relax the numbness of the muscles in your hip, strengthen the blood circulation efficiently, adjust metabolism and remove he redundant fat so as to reshape enviable curve in the hip.

* Massage your breast: it can stimulate your galactophore efficiently to promote its growth so as to make you have enviable plump and elastic breasts, which can also prevent mammary diseases.

* Massage your legs: To massage your thighs and calves, it can relax the muscles and remove the redundant fat in your legs so as to make you have slender legs.

Technical Parameters:
* Voltage: 110V
* Charging Time: 7h
* Power: 3.5W
* Converter: 3V/300mA

How to Use:
* Charging: The massager should be fully charged for 7 hours prior to initial use.

* Make sure that the vibration-speed button of the massager is at OFF position.

* Plug the adaptor to power outlet of 110V and insert the output connector into the jack of the charger. The charger indicator will flash in case of normal charging.

* In order to extend lifespan of the battery, please charge it when it is used up and do not charge it for more than 7 hours.

* When unplugging the power connector from the charger, the indicator will turn off.

* Please unplug power cord prior to cleaning and repairing the massager. Do not use any cleaning agent to clean the unit. You can clean the unit with a wet towel.

Safety Precautions:
* Do not immerse the charger or the massager into water or other liquids, otherwise, it will cause electric shock.

* In case of power line damaged, plugs broken, abnormal functions or any other damages, please stop using the product and contact the supplier at once.

* The company shall not be held responsible for any hazard caused by use of components provided by other than the company.

* The product is designed for 110V.

* Do not use the massager if 6you have any of the following diseases:

* Tuberculosis, tumor, dermatitis, phlebitis, diabetes, heart disease, skin crack, varicosity in legs, etc.

* Do not use the massager directly on the backbone or the breast.

* The massager is not designed for children and women in pregnancy should not use it.

* Do not use the massager within 30 minutes after meals.
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Fat Removal Massage Stick
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