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Item #: 305DL

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Firms and tones your thighs, hips, and buttocks. Alleviates stress-related conditions, anxiety, headaches, lower back pain, migraines, constipation, and edema. Expedites blood circulation and bodily metabolism. Improves the efficiency of your liver, kidneys and other organs. Strengthens your immune system and respiratory system. Promotes lymphatic drainage and detoxification process, especially in the lower feet region.

Standard functions in addition to:
- Gentle vibrating massage on the sole, instantly revitalizes the tired legs.
- Stimulate precise vital points of the sole, promote a wide range of healing benefits via Reflexology.
- Heat energy from the element stimulates tired cells and soothes the mental stress.
- The Soft, padded foot-rest gives extra comfort to the feet while in oscillating motions.
- The permanent magnets embedded in the soft foot-rest effect a magnetic therapy.


In a person's life, Health is the most important thing a person can attain on earth. And oxygen turns out to be the key element in attaining and maintaining good health. However, people today do not have enough oxygen intake. Although people would have enough circulation of oxygen in their bodies to keep them alive, they would not have the oxygen to keep them healthy.

The most effective way to acquire sufficient amount of oxygen is to be in motion. Exercise is one of the way to keep your body moving. Exercise helps calm your nerves, prevent constipation and less likely to get other diseases. Good health depends very much upon the efficiency of oxygen intake by the body.

To be efficient, the sympathetic nerve must be stimulated and the bronchus expanded to increase oxygen intake volume. To achieve this result, the body needs to vacillate a little bit like a fish or a four-legged animal so that spinal cord can be stimulated. It was this revolutionary method of aerobic exercise that inspired the invention of EVERGAIN's Stress-Buster.

- Safe and simple for operating.
- Multifunction, computer-program-controlled.
- Widely applicable for residents, office and sanatorium.
- Combination of sickness therapy, health care and leisure.

Ultra red device: press the tinier button for 3 seconds to control the power. Handheld mobile massage: plug in the outlet of 12V safety voltage on the right of the massage. After receiving command from the program the handheld mobile massager can massage the parts all over the body including those inaccessible by other types of massager (for example, many acupoints in the head ). The infrared device provided for the handheld mobile massager. in combination with other functions, can dredge the channels, intensify the acupoint stimulation, exhibiting superiority over other massagers.

The back-fotdable device on the massager head, conforming to the ergonomic design puts emphasis on the massage effect of easily fatigue parts such as neck and shoulders. It can be set in one of the 3 positions as required. In upright position it can be well integrated with the massager. The device, easy to be operated, giving special care to neck and shoulders, can bring you wonderful massage sense in combination with the program-set massaging skills.

Endeavour to Innovate Seek for Perfection
Ken mable people endeavour to innovate and seek for perfection in every aspects of massager realm such as safety and reliability design; unique geometry, selected internal structure and accurate computer program. They hold a safe lead in massager manufacture and parted from the early products long ago.

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Stress Buster Deluxe Model 305DL
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