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Massage Health Guide

All the Health Benefits of a Massage Explained

If you are buying a massage chair, you are most likely interested in the healthful benefits massage chairs can provide. Daily massages from massage chairs will benefit not only your muscular system, but also your circulatory system, nervous system, skeletal system and respiratory system. When you sit down to relax, your body will be rejuvenated in various ways. Massage therapy is even used for pain management. So for whatever reasons you want a massage chair, you will certainly gain additional health benefits.

Muscular System Benefits from a Massage:

    *  Increase in flexibility due to more hydration in the muscles
    * Increase in blood circulation to the muscles
    * Increase in nutrients to the muscles
    * Effectively relaxes your muscles to reduce instances of cramps, spasms and overall tension
    * Breaks down knots and fibrosis
    * Helps speed muscle recovery due to fatigue and exertion
    * Reduces soft tissue and muscle pain
    * Helps prevent muscular atrophy

Circulatory System Benefits from a Massage:

    *  Improves circulation with mechanical actions in the soft tissues that dilate the blood vessels
    * Increases red blood cells in your circulatory system
    * Improves your immune system
    * Lowers blood pressure and reduces pulse
    * Promotes tissue healing due to increased blood circulation
    * Reduces swelling by increasing tissue fluid and lymphatic circulation

Nervous System Benefits from a Massage

    *  Helps balance the autonomic nervous system
    * Increases the amount of endorphins released
    * Decreases nerve root compression by relieving muscular tension
    * Reduces nerve entrapment
    * Stimulates receptors of the skin and underlying tissue

Skeletal System Benefits from a Massage

    *  Increases range of movement in your joints due to increased circulation
    * Increases the retention of harmful chemicals in the bones
    * Reduces joint strains
    * Increases the ease of movement

Respiratory System Benefits from a Massage:

    *  Normalizes breathing patterns via relaxation and tension relief on the breathing structures (rib cage and respiratory muscles)
    * Percussion and compression massage techniques help relieve congestion in the lungs
    * Increases blood flow to and from the lungs which helps eliminate waste and the absorption of oxygen

Additional Benefits from a Massage:

    *  Reduces stress levels along with anxiety and tension
    * Improves posture
    * Helps clear the mind for deep relaxation
    * Improves nutrition in your skin due to the reduction of tension in adjoining tissues
    * Increases overall energy in your body for a more productive day
    * Diverts pain signals in neurons so that they do not reach the brain, ultimately taking away some of your pain

So whether or not you want a massage just to ease your mind or to invigorate your body, you will receive the best of both worlds. Do your body a favor and buy a massage chair today! No one has time to go see a masseuse every day; why not buy a massage chair as your own “personal masseuse” and have the availability of a massage whenever you please. We offer an extensive selection of spectacular massage chairs in any price range; you will be sure to find what you are looking for.

- Source:  CSN
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