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5 Major Concerns When You Shop for Massage Chair

To shop for a massage chair can be a daunting and confusing task. So many to choose from, but where do you start? Well, before you make that big purchase for a massage chair, let us assist you in some of the information you will need when choosing a massage chair suitable for your needs.

1) Number of Motors
The most important aspect you want to look at is the number of motors a massage chair has. This will dictate two things. First, when you have independently working motors, you receive a stronger massage because of the power distribution among each motor. The more motors you have, the stronger the massage, its that simple. Second, the number of motors will dictate the life of your chair. When you have several working motors, you can distribute the workload among functions evenly. Motors can rest while the others work hard to soothe your aching body. When a motor gets used to often to perform several functions, it is more likely that the motor may burnout from overuse. Most chairs come with at least two rollers so the amount of rollers you have becomes less important.

2) Adjustments
A chair needs to adjust to individual needs so that it can perform for different users. Depending on the individual needs, a chair can come with height adjustments going from you shoulder to your hips and width adjustment to massage the length of your shoulder. Most massage chairs if not all, have some sort of height or width adjustment.

3) Features
This has become important for most people when shopping for a massage chair.

a) Speed Control-Some chairs will have speed control but no intensity control or vice versa. It is always better to have intensity control where you have the power to dictate how strong of a massage you want. You can never make a massage chair stronger when you have adapted to the strength level.

b) Combo Massage-Some chairs come with a combo massage where the chair will perform all three functions at once: kneading, tapping and rolling.

c) Heating function- a heating function becomes important to some people because of the effectiveness this can have to soothe the muscle. Think of stretching a rubber band when it has been in the freezer opposed to stretching a rubber band that is warm. The frozen band will snap while the warm band will stretch. Only when muscles are truly relaxed is when one can experience a true deep tissue massage.

d) Lower leg area- some chairs come with this feature for those wanting a calf massage for sore legs. Most chairs come with a vibrating lower leg rest while higher end chairs will come with an actual massage mechanism for the lower leg. Price becomes an issue.

e) Neck Massage- This is a luxury feature that most chairs do not have. There are chairs with a specific neck massage mechanism just for the neck. All but one chair will massage the upper shoulder area.

f) Seat Vibration- Another luxury item that some chairs have to vibrate the hamstrings and glutes.

4) Material
This depends mostly on personal preference. Most chairs are outfitted with synthetic leather or from Naugahyde coverings. Other chairs have the option of outfitting their chairs with various types of leather ranging from cheap leather to genuine Italian leather. Most people realize that leather will last longer than Naugahyde or synthetic leather when it comes to products we tend to use often. If synthetic leather lasted longer than authentic leather, than most wouldn't want to buy leather couches, shoes, jackets or leather purses. The fact is that leather will last longer even with continual use from any item.

5) Warranty
These ranges anywhere from 1 to 5 years depending on the quality of the chair. The warranties differ from limited warranties to extended warranties. Some may offer in-home 90 days service while others may offer a free shipping one way for one year. It all depends on the various brands and how much you expect to pay.

- Source:  Discover Furniture
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