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Shiatsu Massage Chairs Revolutionize Comfort at Home

Shiatsu massage chair is not a brand name. Shiatsu is massage technique employed by professional masseuses and masseurs, as well as therapists and chiropractors. Shiatsu massage chairs incorporate these techniques using nodules, rollers, and pressure point sensors to emulate the work of the professionals. A significant number of manufacturers, especially those from the orient, build Shiatsu massage chairs and in all price ranges, and they can be purchased at local retailers, large discount chains, and from online suppliers.

Shiatsu, a Japanese word meaning 'finger pressure', involves applying pressure along 'meridians', pathways of the body's energy flow (ki), using fingers, palms, forearms and knees. It focuses on precise points but may be applied to large areas, thus it is sometimes called 'acupressure'. A session lasts about forty minutes with the goal of releasing tension. Chairs that mimic Shiatsu employ technologies including varying sizes of protruding and rolling nodes that mimic the human touch of a masseur or masseuse.

There are some things to know about Shiatsu massage chairs. First, they aren't for everybody. Shiatsu techniques involve rolling, kneading, compression, and percussion; Shiatsu is a deep massage that attempts to reach down into lower muscle tissue. Beginners often find that a Shiatsu session, which normally lasts about 40 minutes, results in soreness and even headaches much as exercise does when first trying to get back in shape. People who are frail like the elderly, who are injured, or are suffering from similar conditions should ensure that the chair they choose has sufficient adjustments for the intensity of the massage to tone it down or outright avoid Shiatsu massage chairs. Many Shiatsu massage chair models have child-locks for this reason.

But for those of us who live frenetic and harried lives, whose aging muscles come home sore and tired, and who just plain want to feel better, Shiatsu massage chairs are a convenient and effective way to enjoy the benefits of massage right in our own living rooms or dens. And benefits there are. Aside from relaxation and release from stress, Shiatsu massage chairs make muscles more relaxed and flexible while stimulating them for better blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Relaxed muscles relieve pressure on sore joints and spine and increase flexibility allowing for more comfortable and safer movement. And there is something to be said for making peace-of-mind a part of your everyday life.

Shiatsu chairs are produced by major manufacturers like Interactive, which produces Human Touch, iJoy, and Get-A-Way massage chairs; and by Premier, Sanyo, Popular, Panasonic, and others.

- Source:  Massage Chair Reviews
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