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Buying a Massage Chair That Fit Your Budget and Need

The most basic thing to look at when choosing a massage chair is the resting comfort level, or what the chair feels like when it's not turned on. This is the most subjective facet of choosing a massage chair. In other words, the final decision rests primarily on the opinions of you, the individual user. This dictum extends to all comfort-related products. If it ceases to be comfortable to you, what good is it? Sit down in the prospective chair and assess how it feels to you. All chairs have a stable shape or contour inherent in their design. Reclining is insufficient to overcome a bad fit between user and chair. In other words, there's little you can to do with a bad fit, except ask for a refund.

The second most important thing to consider is the range of massage offered. Older massage chairs relied solely on vibration and did not penetrate deeply. Newer Shiatsu (deep) massage chairs employ kneading, stretching, tapping, and the ever-popular vibrations. Some chairs may even incorporate heat, the benefits of which are increased circulation, increased oxygenation, and enhancement of bodily detoxification processes. You should also be able to control the speed (intensity) of the massage and the track length (which part of your body is massaged).

Adjustability is important when purchasing the massage chair for a family unit or 1 or more people. This enables customization, presets, and preferences not available in older models.

Accessories include leg rests, cup holders, space for computer peripherals, coverings, and even carrying cases. However, the massage chair must be collapsable and intended for mobility for a carrying case to work. Generally, leg rests are the most popular.

Appearance is varied among chairs and is basically determined by a combination of 3 things: design, fabric, and color. Design refers to the shape or overall structure of the chair. It can be low to the ground or high up, minimalist or extravegant, retro or contemporary. It's all up to you and your personal style. Appearance shouldn't be a factor where functionality or usefulness is concerned. Secondly, there is a virtually endless number of fabrics used in massage chair craft. Some of them include polished wood, synthetic leather, genuine leather, plastic, or vinyl. Genuine leather wears the fastest, especially in shiatsu massage chairs. Synthetic leather is resistant and long-lasting. Vinyl appears cheap but is easy to maintain and has a long life. Colors span the entire spectrum with funky oranges and bright pinks to conservative burgundy and traditional black.

Prices range from a low of $400 to a high of $4,000, with rare exceptions both ways. The price is basically the feature referee. You can get signifcant benefit from a cheaper chair if you choose wisely.

So, if you're going to buy a massage chair, consider first your purpose and second your pocketbook. Get a list of required features in mind and look for the most reliable model at the best price. You're good to go!

- Source:  Christina Bi
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